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Freeware/Shareware Compiler

Compiler is one of the most useful tools for programmers. Huh, everybody knows that! Here is a list of shareware/freeware compiler that will help you start quickly. Notice that some links will guide you to another site, namely 'The Official Site of .... ' (put any compiler name in blank). My suggestion is to read all the disclaimer before you download, and follow the instruction before installing any of them.

All comments and suggestions should be sent to my email address, please check on the left of the main page.

Compilers Descriptions
A86 A86 is an excellent shareware assembler for the IBM PC, and can assemble code from 8086 to 80286. A86 can be downloaded for free from Version that support 80386 until Pentium is called A386, and can be obtained directly from the author. Also included is hundreds of pages of manuals and kind of tutorial that is invaluable for assembly programmers. Eric IsaacSon, the author also released two versions of disassembler, namely D86 and D386.

Note that A86 is available on many famous software archives on the internet too.
DJGPP The official site of DJGPP can be reach by clicking here. DJGPP is part of GNU software. It is used by people around the world, for free! DJGPP is intended for developing 32-bit protected mode software in C/C++ under MS-DOS. It is also available from, in the /pub/msdos/programming/djgpp2 directory. DJGPP is a big distribution, read the tutorial that is available on for more information on how to get a copy, instructions about what files to download to get started, etc.

Many utilities are developed for DJGPP. The best way is to check local store for GNU software CD-ROM in order to get the complete version faster. Programmers that programs in DJGPP should read comp.os.msdos.djgpp for discussions about DJGPP.
SPHINX C-- Peter Sphinx Cellik, the author of this free C++ and assembler alike language has made the final version available through many famous software archives on the internet. SPHINX C-- claims to be more readable than assembler (similar to C) and produce fast programs. In this package are the compiler, examples, some informations and source.
FirstBasic FirstBasic is a compiler, not an interpreter, for Basic programming language. This shareware compiler provides many new features, and is suitable for beginners. Professional Basic programmers should consider PowerBasic, another product from PowerBasic, Inc. Unfortunately, PowerBasic, Inc. do not release shareware version of PowerBasic. Check out their site for more information.