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Freeware/Shareware Libraries

What follows is a list of shareware, freeware, or public domain libraries. Libraries is a large collection of compiled or pre-compiled routines for handling specific tasks. String library will provides string handling, such as copy, delete, or even sort by ascending or descending, you name it. You probably won't find files that you want here, this is only a short list of selected libraries. If so, please check out my Links to Other Sites section to continue searching. The internet has more files of this type than anyone could imagine. Becareful to download only what you want, your harddisk will never be large enough for all those goodies. :)

Libraries Descriptions Language This package consists of, and is absolutely free for any purpose, except, which is only free for non-commercial purpose. Including source in assembly, this nice package provides database, menuing, compressing, memory manager, windowing, and lots more. Assembly Freelib -- The Free Assembly Languange Library is multipurpose assembly language routines that will handle file input/output (I/O) to graphics on VGA. Freelib is free for non-commercial use, include source code for all 200 optimized routines! Assembly Assembly Wizard's Library v2.1 supports most assemblers and includes text and graphics handling, buffered file I/O, keyboard, mouse and much more. A product by Charon Software. Assembly