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Clicking any links on this page will guide you out of my sites. You have to click the "Back" button or type in the URL to come back. I know, it is quite uncomfortable. The only way to solve it is to provides frames with links in the left and the contents on the right side. It is a good idea, but also slow down page loading. I need some comments for this. Send to my email address, or sign in guest book, both could be found on the left side of main page.

SWAG, The SourceWare Archival Group

SWAG is a huge collection of source code and texts for Pascal programming. Contributions come from programmers around the world, and collected from several network conferences worldwide.

This is an excellent and must have packages for Pascal programmers. It covers tens of different categories: encrypt, joystick, menu, printing, scrolling, graphics, math, memory, object oriented programming, just to mention some of them. It is updated approximately every 90 days. The whole packages is really huge, and is available on many ftp servers. Check out the page for more informations.

ABC, The All Basic Code

ABC is similar to SWAG, for Basic programming language. Another huge packages that provides invaluable codes, texts, programs for Basic programmers.

New packages realeased every two months with more and more sources that covers a large range of categories, from games, disk, ansi, graphics, interpreter, networks, menu, memory and more.

The purpose of the ABC is to help many Basic programmers and to prove that Basic is still live and well. I agree, find it out yourself. :)

The SimtelNet Software Arvhive

The right place to search for shareware, freeware, utilities, and programming info. I suggest to get the index of all files and save it on harddisk, so you can search files you want offline. Neat huh? The index, with short descriptions on the right side of each files, is available in ../00_info/ directory. Replace .. with 'msdos' (without quotes) to get into MS-DOS index files directory.