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Useful Utilities

Wonderful world of the internet is an excellent place to search for utilities. Many software archives provides tons of useful utilities, ready for download from the web, of by ftp. I have listed some of them in my Links to Other Sites section. One key to save your time is to know what you need, and how to search it.

Utilities Descriptions Exe2bin is no longer supplied with DOS. That's why this tiny utility is here! Although this is a replacement for Exe2bin, it is claimed to be faster and less than half the size. A small Com2Exe and Exe2Com convertor with source in assembly. Use it, enjoy it, learn it! :) Turbo Pascal Source Beautifier for Turbo/Borland Pascal source up to version 7.0. A very well organized reference for programmers. This covers several interesting topics, namely Assembler Programming Language, C Programming, Hardware and Data Specifications, Interrupt services, and more! BinPathch 1.04 is a program to generate and apply patches for DOS/Windows. Advanced Computer Application's binary to .OBJ converter will add raw. data to executables.