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Welcome. If you are searching for programming tools such as code/hex editors, free compilers, utilities, source codes and snippets, then go nowhere. This may be the site you are looking for. I have done my best to reduce futile images and animation, and leave alone one tiny images that I think should be here, because I use their services for free. As a result, the pages should load faster. And you will soon notice that this first page is the only one that has images in it. :)

Firstly, I want to apologize for any mispelt words. Excuse my English please, as it is not my tounge language. And secondly, this site is not a commercial site. I maintain it on my own, using free services, and free of charge. But if you have comments, critics, etc., feel free to contact me by either methods mentioned on the left side of this page.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Few Descriptions About the Contents

All the files are ready to download, and most of them are in .zip format. You will need Pkware Pkzip/Pkunzip v2.04g to unpack the compressed files. Windows user may prefer WinZip to PKunzip. To locate WinZip on the internet, direct your browser to 'any' search engine, enter "winzip" as the keyword. Note that there are still tens of software that can handle .zip files. The choice is yours.

The Programmers' Code Editor links to a list of text, code and hexadecimal editor. Some of them are my favorites :). I think it deserves it own portion, so it is here, separated from the Utilities part.

You can start to program quickly and find free or low cost compilers for Assembly, Basic, C/C++, Pascal, etc. in the Freeware/Shareware Compiler section.

If you are searching for some specific and useful library to use or learn, please take a look at the Freeware/Shareware Library. Some of the authors are wonderful persons, they even make their 'professional' code available to download.

Of course, you won't miss the Useful Utilities links. I have choosen selectively utilities that match several criteria. You might find that many utilities are not here. In that case, email me and mention about it. I will try to add them as soon as possible.

Code and Snippets. Well, this part has just been started recently. I will work on this interesting section as soon as I have times . Suggestion should be directed to my email address.

At last, try Links to Other Sites. There are selected links to other programming sites, available with comments. Explore, hopefully they will keep you busy for some time. :)

Happy and Productive Programming!!!